Bat Protection Society of Lithuania (LSBC) - From 2005 years in a non-governmental conservation organization, unites bats and their habitats in the study, the protection and promotion of the work carrying people. From 2011 the sweet is an international organization uniting the bat protection organization BatLife Europe State.

SAAD mission ensure a good conservation status of bats in Lithuania. Therefore, the main activities of the Society are:

  • organize and carry out scientific bats and their habitat research and monitoring;
  • initiate, development and implementation of bat research and conservation programs, projects, status or impact assessments;
  • care for roosting bats found in Lithuania, breeding and wintering areas protection, to develop and promote the practical use of the suggestions on improving the status of;
  • enhance environmental specialists in bat research and protection, improve the practical skills;
  • exchange experiences with international organizations carrying out bat protection: to organize and participate in other organized international training, seminars, Conferences, symposia and so on.;
  • development of society, respect and love for nature and a sense of responsibility for its conservation by increasing the awareness of bats values, vulnerability and security measures Opportunities;
  • provide advice bat conservation issues and individuals, and organizations;
  • allow scientific and popular publications, conferences and other events in the works, Research methodological recommendations and another with knowledge of bat, investigations or the protection of relevant literature.
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