(Informacija greitu laiku bus atnaujinta atsižvelgiant į naujai įsigaliojusius teisės aktus)…

At the end of 2012 year of the Republic of Lithuania Environment Minister Valentin Mazuronis signed Decree No.. D1-1106 on Lithuania to protected species and their habitat damage to the methodology for calculating the approval , So the 2013 years 10 fold increase in fines for the destruction of the Republic of Lithuania protected animals, plant and fungi species list, approved by the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania 2003 m. October 13 d. Order No.. 504 (Official Gazette., 2003, No.. 100-4506; 2007, No.. 36-1331), mammals recorded.

According to the newly enacted law, the bat, assigned 0(Former) go 1(It) rarity categories, destruction of the - 436,8 Lt bauda. If the bat is destroyed, which is attributed to 2(In), 3(R), 4(I), 5(Rs) rarity categories, will be 218,4 Lt bauda. Note, that 11 from 14 Lithuania resident bat species are listed in the Red Book of Lithuania. Their list is available at HERE

It is also found, For that destroyed the mammalian maternal or offspring vedžiojančią (feeding) female triple indexed fixed base rate - that. 0(Former) would 1(It) rarity categories assigned to bat maternal risk of destruction 1310,4 lt bauda, if species classified 2(In), 3(R), 4(I) would 5(Rs) rarity category - 655,2 Lt bauda.

It must be remembered, that is reserved and bat habitat: for the destruction of habitats (mammals used nest, house, Ola, bearing, hollow or another mammal pups delivery location) determined by the type of animal double-indexed base rate (penalty - the 873,6 go 436,8 Lt). And if it is destroyed by a bat colony, will be subject to double the total destruction of bats indexed base rate amount. For example., if it is destroyed Noctule colony, which may be that the 20 individuals, then for it to be designated 8736 Lt bauda.

Fines and even provided for the bat species, not included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania - for each destroyed these species will have to pay a bat 54,6 Lt. If it was a pregnant female - 163,8 Lt, Jei on visa colonies - destroy all of the double-bat-indexed base rate amount. For example., the destruction of the Lithuanian Red Data Book of unrecorded colony of pipistrelle babies, which can be formed out of that and 40 one put in place by settling individuals, for this would be to 4368 LLT bauda. And if it was a breeding colony - 6552 Lt bauda.

SAAD welcomes the increasing public awareness: people themselves raise their special nesting boxes, We report on the disaster caught bats and report inappropriate žiemavietėse found mysterious navigators, etc.. This law directed against malevolent, deliberately exterminate bats and their colonies. Thus, detection of bats in their environment and to carry out any activities (buildings, basements, renovation, reconstruction, old hollow tree felling and so on.) discuss this with the sweet experts.

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