Bats are nocturnal and very agile animals, therefore has little natural enemies. Observed, that sometimes these navigators sometimes prey on owls, so they avoid me such a neighborhood. Many more enemies that pose a threat to žiemavietėse, when these animals come in deep sleep - when they attempt marten, cat, and sometimes even a rat. However, their intentional or unintentional actions pose the greatest risk to people. The main threat to human bats:

1. Intensified renovation, Demolition of old buildings. Buildings, especially wood, over time cracks, ertmių, occupied by bats. Safe shelters for decades formed bats numerous breeding colonies, which increased after wintering animals usually return to the office, which they are grown. They could not find the old, Located in new, often precarious habitats, therefore part of the die.

2. New technologies Urbanization. In recent decades, installed very sealed buildings, So almost no cracks, through which the bats to get them to. Be to, building finishes are widely used in slippery coat complicates the movement of the bat, So these potential habitats they avoid.

3. Intensive forestry. Wood will be available soon trees not yet reached maturity, So the forests mature trees decreases, together with natural shelters summer - old, hollow tree. The most common tree species replanted forests, are more resistant to diseases, pests and also reduces the number of potential hiding places.

4. Dungeon insulation, sealing, Using human consumption or total abandonment. Lithuania suitable natural wintering grounds bats – mountain bars, there is no, and thick tree with neperšalamais receiver is very small. Therefore, bats wintering staying human constructions. Most often it is used Catacombs, where the cold season (September to April) is a constant and low temperature and high humidity. Although the country does little dungeon, but fit bats hibernate, little. The last decade, Lithuania has intensified privatization of the dungeon. For example, old military fortifications in Vilnius Ross Street have then integrated into the living room, sealed, Hibernating bats are insulated and will no longer adequate. And these underground wintering Lithuania strictly protected pond to pelėausių 2010 m were detected annually. However, the complete neglect of these buildings also have a negative impact - unsupervised gradually deplete the underground water, ice and tree roots. For example., erosion significantly deplete the Vilnius High Paneriai railway tunnel and Roku Fort Kaunas.

5. Įmigusį bat disturbance winter habitats. Visiting žiemavietėse (light, Sounds) disturb bats įmygį. Frequent winter bat waking up exhausting their body and some of them do not receive the Spring.

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