Bats in the forest using a lot of places to hide. It depends on the year and time of day, life stage and bat species, for example., European plačiaausis located under loose bark, Brown owl - carved woodpeckers receiver, and the little owl - in natural cavities and crown. The most common bat shelters in the forest becomes: Dreves, dying or already dead trees, trees with loose bark, woodpeckers engraved receiver, natural cavity in a tree, nesting boxes for birds and bats. Cache bats can change each year, or even a few times a season. In order to, that bats are protected in the forest, need for shelter and feeding sites of. Of particular importance is the hollow tree, since they can be of vital importance for some species, for example., Natererio bat, little owl, European plačiaausis such places shall establish a breeding colony. Be to, season, they often change places, because these types of conservation of the population will require adequate amount of shelter. Therefore, it is important to look for, label and store summer colonies and wintering shelters. It is useful to monitor tree felling. If the felled tree, which was located in a bat colony, create a new hideout, for example, hang a few nesting. Only nesting boxes can not always change the natural hiding places. Here plačiaausis European bat nesting boxes do not take up, He settles in the loose bark. Large mammals are at risk for these, when deforestation occurs in summer, but in spring, autumn and winter, because bats can hibernate in tree hollow. Brown primrose old and not very old trees overwinter in large groups. Felled tree, where is the receiver or cracks, they need to be inspected. Detection of hibernating bats, need to inform professionals.

Artificial shelters and installation of nesting boxes are useful for raising forests, and in some cases even necessary, especially in young monoculture forests or places, scarce natural shelters. Forests, scarce water, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting water, channels, Which is a great bat and other animal troughs. And it is very important to minimize the use of chemicals to combat forest pests, So they try to regulate biological methods. The most practiced attracting birds, but little-known, that no less effective it is to bat charms, because these mammals are destroying a lot of night flying tree pests.

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