Lithuania live bats eat only insects. In order to maintain a fast metabolism and high body temperature, with low weight, but a large body surface, these flying mammals must eat a lot. For example, Brown owl in the night eats 10-15 grams of insects, and the aqueous bat only 5-6 grams. However, the 5-6 grams – or 4 000-5 000 insects.

Our edge of the bat diet is quite varied, any insect diversity in different groups of bats may differ slightly depending on the same insect abundance, local, where bats feed on, seasons or even the time of day and weather. Bat diet changes the seasons. Some insects dominated the spring, other summer. Cockchafer and long-legged mosquitoes like all the bats. The European plačiaausis hunt only nocturnal butterflies. Water bat and pipistrelle bat Nathusius' diet is based on insects Flies. Grasshopper, earwig, locusts, vorus, butterfly larvae eat the brown quick-eared.

Eating bats fly within an hour after sunset. Different species of bats choose a different date from the shelter distant feeding grounds – one species of flies close, others may fly even for 10-25 miles to feeding areas. At night the bats may use one or more feeding areas. One species feed on all night, other - doing so breaks, which uses a late-night shelters.

Animals fed singly or in combination with the same kind of Treble. Bat species, with short and broad wings, for example., quick-eared brown, between the barriers fly slower, but the hustle. Species, with broad wings, for example., primrose, are adapted to operate quickly and often away from obstacles or high altitudes. According to the nature of hunting bats are divided into several groups:

1.Flitter mouse, predatory open site, high above the ground and away from the numerous obstacles. Only air its victims catching brown and little primrose.

2.Flitter mouse, predatory close to the ground, Barriers to (between the trees, outskirts) and catching their victims in the air. These are dwarf pipistrelle pipistrelle and little, Late ŠIKŠNYS and Brandt's bat and ūsuotasis.

3.Flitter mouse, predatory very close to the ground, between vegetation, The collection insects or simply from a variety of surfaces. This food catching Naterero bat, quick-eared brown, etc..

4.Flitter mouse, predatory above the water. Insects in the air above the water fish, or grab them from the water's surface water and pond bat.

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