Myotis These days the Lithuanian Ornithological Society submitted information, Lithuania discovered that our country a new bat species - the great bat (Myotis myotis). And we would like to celebrate this discovery, but we, that it is a little too early so boldly promote expert unverified information. Great bat (Myotis myotis), as quick-eared and gray (Plecotus austriacus) - Searchable bat species Lithuania, as it is found in the neighboring countries and even more, although sparsely, but very close to the border with Lithuania. In recent years the Lithuanian monitoring of bats were registered several times very similar observations of individuals, However, after repeated observations, Detailed data analysis and extensive consultation with these kinds of cognitive experienced foreign experts it was decided, that there is insufficient evidence for this type of recognition. Bats are hardly studied group of animals, in some cases, it is not sufficient to capture their emitted ultrasonic signals. While listening to the ultrasonic detector may be different kinds of emitted ultrasonic rhythm and determine the range and peak, it is necessary to take into account local office, flying bat, structure, Flight trajectory of nature, height, flying bat abundance and species diversity. At even the slightest doubt is recorded using the ultrasonic spectrum analysis. Finally, the decision on the type can only lead to further carry out a trapped bat morphological measurements – ear length, ear kramslio form, forearm bone length, etc.. As a new bird species confirmation examines Lithuania Lithuanian Ornithological Society Ornitofaunistinė commission, so the new bat Ruse detection shall be supported by Bat Protection Association in Lithuania, which is an international bat protection organizations uniting Europe member organizations BatLife.
Online information about the great bat rely on the detection of the event was something and the next generation, but our natural and bat species composition untested conditions, detector – Tablet PC with Touch Echo Meter accessory and automatically establishing a kind of software data. Our opinion, This equipment, under different environmental conditions, not correctly identify all species, and only prompts what it could be and it is therefore necessary recorded ultrasonic spectrum analysis. And not a single fragment, the whole record, or even several at the same place at the same time would record. Be to, breeding period of bats are sedentary, detected for many years in the same dwelling,, Lithuania on suspicion of a new kind of case detection, Tracking the place to go to bat researchers - experts, who carried out extensive monitoring using professional detector and guaranteed identification of catching the same bats. And only after their approval information, It can be said about the new bat species discovery in Lithuania.
We believe, this is all still in front: Supposedly the big bat ultrasound recordings are saved, Local and known experts in the analysis of information and, if needed, Following further observations, we will be able to welcome to amplify the list of Lithuanian fauna species of bats discoverers. And also we would like to ask not to rush with sensation and be a little more responsible for the information society.

Bat Protection Society of Lithuania

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