Aaron Corcoran nuotrauka

Aaron Corcoran nuotr.

Evolution encouraged "arms race" between bats and moths has been going on 65 millions of years. All the while improving the capacity of bats emitted ultrasound to detect, to track down and capture a moment praskrendantį even the smallest insect, and those trying to find a way to effectively trick ultrasonic bat sonar.

Raudonsparnė meškutė (Tyria jacobaeae). Keith Edkins nuotrauka

Raudonsparnė Moth (Tyria jacobaeae). Keith Edkins Photo.

Some of them learned as soon as they felt the vibrations fall down like rain drops, other prirtėjus bat starts rotating spiral, still others back contrive to send misleading signals to the ultrasonic. Among the well-known successful invention pertains butterfly meškutėms (Arctiidae) – These butterflies have learned to imitate a bat sends ultrasonic signals, When in danger, sends back the full range of sounds so suklaidindami opponent.

For a long time it was thought, Meskutis that is only mastered by the ultrasonic butterflies camouflage. However, recent years have studies revealed, the same self-defense weapon, and has some tropical living sphinxes. U.S. scientists Jessie Barber of Aidacho state Boice City University and Akito Kavachara from the University of Florida in the journal Biology Letters, published their research findings, describing his attempts to Borneo jungle caught sphinxes (Sphingidae). The article says these zoologists, studies that allow bats ultrasonic recordings of three types of sphinxes – Cechenena lineosa, Theretra boisduvalii go Theretra nessus to answer your ultrasonic signal.

Sfinksas Theretra nessus. Shantanu Kuveskar nuotrauka.

Sfinksas Theretra nessus. Shantanu Kuveskar photo.

So far, the researchers did not find exactly how this works sphinxes ultrasound bats – or directly repels mammals, or creates a lot of ultrasonic noise, preventing bats orient. But one doubts scientists – these sounds specifically for self-defense from a bat.

It is interesting, that the two defense against bats using ultrasound group of butterflies (Meskutis and sphinxes) developed in separate ways, independently of each other. Therefore, the ultrasonic išgirdimo and disseminating different. Meskutis ultrasound emitted by the bat on the chest to hear any special organs help. There are also other bodies, which they emit ultrasound reply. And sphinxes ultrasound hear another place – with ultrasound to record the special organs of the head. And the reply signal emitted otherwise than Meskutis – to bat ultrasounds are the responsibility of their reproductive organ deleting the abdomen and then the flakes emits the sound of a specific frequency. One can surmise, the evolution sphinxes chose economical option, bet, acknowledge, the weird way of "singing" it would be difficult to come up with an ultrasound.

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