Grey quick-eared (Plecotus austriacus Fisherman, 1829) hibernating 2000 was found in Belarus, prie Bresto, or give 1988 in the bat cells were found liepsnotosios owls išvamose at Lomza Poland. Both radavietės too 100 – 200 miles away from the territory of Lithuania, therefore assumed, This species can be found in our region.

Grey long-eared bat external structure is similar to the type of their twin quick-eared brown, only is more gray than it. Its dorsal fur like a dense coat of hair and back basics obviously black. It is easy for these two species by snukelio color - brown quick-eared it almost unpigmented, and gray - blackish. Quick-eared gray body length - 40 – 55 mm, weight - 7 – 14 g.

Strongest ultrasonic frequency 50 kHz., and fall times can be 15 – 20 kHz.

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