Ūsuotasis bat (Myotis mystacinus Kuhl, 1817) - A small bat. Body length - 35 – 48 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 190 – 225 mm, weight - 4 – 8 g. Bearded longest recorded lifespan of the bat - 19 years 8 months. It's Brandt's bat species twin. These two types of exterior structure of a similar, that only 1970 years, researchers have identified as two independent species. Therefore, the overwintering individuals had been called out of the two species - Myotis brandtii / mystacinus.

Emitted ultrasound - 50 kHz (41,7 – 69,4 kHz). Flying start 30 minutes after sunset. Fast Flight, straight, often human height.

Supposedly, the most common in Europe. Lithuania has so far only known one radavietė - Birzai area such or in karstinėje subsidence "Cow Cave" 1978 m. have been found in the mammalian skull. According to foreign researchers in data ūsuotieji bats hiding in the hollows of trees, receiver, buildings. Females form the offspring breeding colonies after 20 – 70 individuals.

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