10983865_10153017448948246_2548939365364825246_n We want to celebrate, that 2015 Lithuania was started two projects, financed by 2009-2014 m. The European Economic Area Financial Mechanism program LT03 "Biodiversity and ecosystem services". These projects are one of the components is šikšnsoparnių research.

Nature Research Center together with the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, "Sustainable Development Centre and Lithuanian Wind Power Association implemented the project "Sustainable wind energy development in western Lithuania (DAVEP-VLIT)“ goal – conflict areas, the development of wind power generation capacity is sensitive to the protection of biodiversity in terms of, identification and management of conflicts of recommendations on.
The project will develop criteria to identify problem areas. Ten, where possible, wind power development and the protection of biodiversity conflicts could be resolved in accordance with the recommendations, which will be developed under the project. Results of the project will not forgive from the planned environmental impact assessment of the statutory responsibilities to assess the environmental impact of the planned activities, but it provides valuable early information wind energy project planners, reduce the likelihood of erroneous decisions, It will save a lot of time and energy in finding appropriate solutions. Conflict scale will be visualized on the map by a tailor-made model. This model lets you do it automatically. It will be repeated. Updating information, It will be able to immediately identify problem areas, know, proportion of the total of all the municipal territory, and see the intensity of the conflict. If necessary,, This model can easily be applied across the country to identify problem areas, and Western Lithuania the recommendations could be used, and more.

Jegaines Lithuanian Ornithological Society, together with the Coastal Planning and Research Institute and the Lithuanian Energy Institute implemented the project "Wind energy development and important biodiversity areas (VENBIS)“ the main goal - to reduce the loss of biodiversity in Lithuania. The project provides the key challenges for protecting biodiversity is important / sensitive and conflict of wind energy development in terms of territorial exclusion, protection and sustainable development of wind power conflict management measures and recommendations for wind energy development in conflict mitigation sensitive biodiversity areas at national and local levels of preparation. This project is a unique feature of the nationwide bird and bat studies in potential wind energy development areas. Research-based and will be held at the said conflict mitigation measures and appropriate recommendations, which will be discussed both with nature, and with the development of wind power industry.

planned, that the results of these projects will be able to access 2016 in the middle.

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