The apartment or home rooms bats usually falls during the summer evenings, July – August. Usually flies are just starting to fly chicks, which explores their living environment. Fortunately, these incidents are resolved relatively simple. Bat, enters into a closed space, often turning wheels looking output. The best way to get rid of the pet home is to allow himself to find a way out. No need to panic, Know, the bat even more scared and looking for departure. Pet scaring, flapping hands only lead to further panic and fly erratically around the room. If you get tired of the bat and landed to rest on the curtains or walls, You can easily remove it in the field, even without touching the. But it is important never to forget, the bat or any other wild animals can not take his bare hands. If your home is often užklysta bat, it is advisable to cover the windows inverter. This can be a mosquito net - it will play a dual role - protection from vampire bats and Society.

Bat Room! What to do?
• First, close all doors, leading to other rooms;
• Open windows and doors, that the bat could fly;
• In the room: Remove all pets, particularly cats and dogs (pets may begin to wander, to catch a bat, and thus cause additional trouble);
• Turn off the lights and leave the room;
• Do not try to steer the bat towards the window, just let him guide you with the same environment;
• Within a few minutes the bat should calm down, settle down, set door or window location and fly out.

What if the bat does not operate out?
• Put on gloves thick enough.
• The repose bat place a larger container, for example,plastic bowl. At the time the animal is tired and overwhelmed, so you do not start approaching fly.
• The vessel wall and push the solid board sheet animal arrested. Hold firmly on board the vessel. Push the board to be very careful, serious injury to the bat feet. Do not be afraid, if the bat will scream out loud.
• Move the container to a bat on the field. Point the container away from you, apverskite, that the bat would remain on the board and put them in a safe place off the ground - on a ledge, fences or tree. Bat did not immediately fly away, it is important, that it is above the ground. It is to protect animals from predators, until this apsipras and susiorientuos. Be to, Unlike birds, most of the bat before you can paskristi should start from the podium and momentum.
• If you come across a bat during the day sleeping on the wall, remove it, Breathable material Cover the bowl and wait until the evening. In the evening, the bat will be active and will be able to fly.

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