Brandto pelėausis. R. Karpuškos nuotr.

Brandt's bat. R. Karpuška photo

In late summer - autumn, in migration, or to find suitable wintering, Bats often flies into offices, living rooms, common corridors of buildings. The best way to "get rid" pet of the house - to allow himself to find a way out. Do not panic, Know, that the bat even more scared than you. Pet scaring or waving hands only encourage him even more to wander around the room. Here are a few tips, how to deal with this guest.

Although bats are one of the most abundant mammals teams, abundance of them in Europe and around the world is shrinking. Currently, the 14 Lithuania bat species found in the Lithuanian Red Book is recorded 11 bat species, However, environmental legislation provides for the conservation of bats living in Lithuania.

To the conservation of bats and everyone can contribute to our: netrikdomiems let them live in our neighborhood, Raise your special nesting boxes, disturb their žiemavietėse winter įmygio (Hibernation) during, let us help to safely leave the confined space, inadvertently enters. According to the Lithuanian Fund for Nature conservation specialist Remigijaus Karpuška, seeing hanging on the wall or a bat flying around the room, many people are scared and do not know, how to, without risk to animal, release it from the room. The claustrophobic horrible bat usually spins wheels looking for local, through which to fly. Sometimes, tired of the bat lands to rest on the curtains or walls and invigorated rises. Bat flew into the room should be treated as:

- First, close all doors, leading to other rooms.

- Open the windows and / or doors leading into the field, that the bat could fly.

- From the room remove all pets, particularly cats and dogs (pets may begin to wander, to catch a bat, and so complicate the bat "liberation" Operation).

- Turn off the lights and leave the room.

- Do not try to steer the bat towards the window, just let him guide you with the same environment. Within a few minutes the bat should calm down, settle down, set door or window location and fly out.

Rudasis nakviša. N. Žitkevičiaus nuotrauka

Brown owl. N. Žitkevičius photo

If the bat does not operate out, and sits on a curtain or wall, then take the next action plan:

- Put on gloves thick enough (bat or any other wild animal not to pick up without gloves!).

- Resting bat cover a larger vessel, for example, plastic bowl or box of the shoe. At the time the animal is tired and overwhelmed, so you do not start approaching fly.

- Among the container or box and the wall push of strong cardboard sheet animal arrested. Push the cardboard should be slowly, very carefully, serious injury to the bat feet. Do not be afraid, if the bat will scream out loud - so he's trying to scare you.

- Hold firmly on the container or cardboard box, while away from the wall and the Move to field. The container or box point of self-, apverskite, that the bat to remain on the board and place the pet in a safe place off the ground - on a ledge, fences or tree. Bat not immediately float, it is important, that it is above the ground. It is to protect animals from predators, until it apsipras and susiorientuos. Be to, unlike birds, most of the bat before leaving to fly should start from the podium and running.

- If you come across a bat during the day sleeping on the wall, remove it, breathable material cover the box and wait until the evening. In the evening, the bat will be active and will be able to fly.

If you need advice on the proper conduct of the intruders - a bat, contact with the bat protection specialist Deividas Makavičiumi (Phone. +370 620 30707). And if the bat who settled for difficult to reach a panic or fear of the animal, contact the Lithuanian Fund for Nature conservation specialist Remigijus Karpuška (Phone. +370 684 63709). Lithuanian Fund for Nature, implementing the Vilnius City Municipality Public Environmental Education Project Tutorial – bats is committed to 2013 in case of need to come to all of the Vilnius city municipality and residents living in residential care, offices įskridusiais or improperly selected the wintering bats.

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