Comic book about man-bat existing fictional town known for Gothemsitis, that it is in trouble can expect help atskubant man-bat. Cuba's tropical jungle grows a flower, the survival šikšnosparniški motives are vital.
Jungle creeper Marcgravia evenia has a rather unusual anatomy. The plant has a disc-shaped sheet, which rises above the ring, and the lower part of the ring hanging cup-shaped nectaries. Disk shaped cross-section sheet reminds reflection concave shop for satellite dish antenna: compared with him, other leaves of the plant are much flatter.

Cuba's tropical jungle grows a flower, the survival šikšnosparniški motives are vital

"When you first saw a photo of this plant, I had a suspicion, that the circular sheet could be some form of adaptation, - Says University of Ulm (Germany) scientist Ralph Simon (Ralph Simon). - Then we noticed, the bats on the flowers just losing his mind - lick it with pleasure this plant flower nectar. "

Using a special speaker-microphone system, R. Simon and his colleagues in the leaves of the plant makes a sound, and then examined the plant reflected echo. Team of scientists found, the disk in the form of a sheet with the rest of the plant leaf acoustic properties differ in stunningly.

Disk shaped sheet with the rest of the plant leaf acoustic properties differ in stunningly

Conventional flat climbing plant leaves a strong echo reflected the then, some were facing directly into the speaker-microphone system. However, the echo intensity noticeably subdued, the audio was pushed to the edge of the leaf.

Meanwhile, disk-shaped sheet of the relocation of the audio equipment does not affect the - disk shaped leaf echo very well aired and then, when the sound of the sheet was sent from the edge.

R. Simon is convinced, the disc-shaped sheet allows bats endlessly complex and diverse tropical jungle landscape acoustic easier to detect Marcgravia evenia flower mugs.

Disk-shaped leaf has a unique feature - from any side of the sheet represents the sound coming equally strong, - Explains R. Simon. - The bat is tempting simply wicked. "

To plant this feature išeksperimentuoti closer, R. Simon in a room with lots of artificial leaves three nectar bats feeding males išdresavo search rings, in diameter - less than 2,5 centimeter (approximately the diameter is Marcgravia Even "one nectar diameter).

Time, in which the bats to detect the required Nectarines, reduce the double, if the above 2,5 cm diameter ring was fitted with a disc-shaped sheet of imitation. Above the ring is fitted to an ordinary flat sheet, search times remain stable.
© "Marcgravia evenia"

While disk-shaped leaves photosynthesis slower, R. Simon is inclined to believe, the bat grooming advantages with a vengeance offset energy losses: Bats are excellent pollen vectors, and the wide range of aircraft means, that they can carry pollen on very distant from each other in the plant and thus encourage productive plant reproduction.

"Ultrasonic transmitter bat the climber uses an extremely efficient, – colleague from the German secondary experiment did not participate in the University of Western Ontario (London, Great Britain) ekspertas Brokas Fentonas (Brock Fenton). - Naviguodami a similar approach to land at airports and airplanes. "

Given the, the Central and South American jungles grow hundreds of plants, the pollen carries only bats, the 40 bat species are adapted to feed on nectar, R. Simon's team of researchers such plant population expects to find more oriented to bat signals biomechanizmų.

"Plants used by bats is clearly, – B claims. Fentonas. - Jungle these tiny treasures just waiting, that they are tempted to anyone. "

Author Saul Žukauskas,

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