Siksniukas nykstukas delneThe very beginning of the winter showed their nails at – rain, snow changed, and snow – rain. And everything was crowned night routes bound plikledis. Weather really that, in which a good owner of your dog outside nevarytų. But are animals, by such weather even worse. This bat. Currently, they are already comfortable located žiemavietėse and sank into hipernacijos state of waiting for spring. So, do not hinder them safely overwinter – do not visit žiemavietėse, they do not go away. If during the cold season detect bad (people in a popular, dangerously low hanging in a public place, dwelling house located in the staircase and the like.) susiruošusį žiemotis bat or the uncertainty as to the origin of your room, nemeskite already canter, and contact with a bat protection specialists:

Bat Protection Association chairman Lithuania Deividas Makavičius, Phone. +370 620 30707

Lithuanian Fund for Nature conservation specialist Remigijus Karpuška phone. +370 684 63709


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