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2015-12-02 | News

Varėnos rūsio miegalis

Varena basement Edible

Severe, Varena near the forest in the basement still wintering bats. At present, there are located 4 and northern bat 1 Daubenton's bat. It is amazing, one northern bat for four years wintering in holding onto the basement ceiling spot. But worried, that was not quick-eared brown. Hopefully, that environmental management activities not influenced…

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Disturb hibernating bats!

2015-12-02 | News

Siksniukas nykstukas delneThe very beginning of the winter showed their nails at – rain, snow changed, and snow – rain. And everything was crowned night routes bound plikledis. Weather really that, in which a good owner of your dog outside nevarytų. But are animals, by such weather even worse. This bat. Currently, they are already comfortable located žiemavietėse and sank into hipernacijos state of waiting for spring. So, do not hinder them safely overwinter – do not visit žiemavietėse, they do not go away. If during the cold season detect bad (people in a popular, dangerously low hanging in a public place, dwelling house located in the staircase and the like.) susiruošusį žiemotis bat or the uncertainty as to the origin of your room, nemeskite already canter, and contact with a bat protection specialists:

Bat Protection Association chairman Lithuania Deividas Makavičius, Phone. +370 620 30707

Lithuanian Fund for Nature conservation specialist Remigijus Karpuška phone. +370 684 63709


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Is really great bat found in Lithuania?

2015-07-22 | News

Myotis These days the Lithuanian Ornithological Society submitted information, Lithuania discovered that our country a new bat species - the great bat (Myotis myotis). And we would like to celebrate this discovery, but we, that it is a little too early so boldly promote expert unverified information.

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Two projects, are in progress and bat studies

2015-06-23 | News

10983865_10153017448948246_2548939365364825246_n We want to celebrate, that 2015 Lithuania was started two projects, financed by 2009-2014 m. The European Economic Area Financial Mechanism program LT03 "Biodiversity and ecosystem services". These projects are one of the components is šikšnsoparnių research.

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Kuršėnų Park supplemented nesting boxes for bats

2015-06-18 | News

Kuršėnų students with teacher Kate decided Poškienės, Kuršėnų that the park should live bats. Without waiting, until these flying mammals themselves will house the old trees, it was decided to attract bats. Half of the studied scientific literature, to support Lithuania pasikviestas bat Conservation Society chairman David Makavičius.

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Laumėnų mouse – nesting-box's European plačiaausiams

2015-04-09 | News

Inkilas europiniam placiaausiui (1) The European plačiaausis (Barba Stella barbaric Tellus) - Forest resident bat, rare and protected throughout Europe. The special design of nesting-boxes, which can accommodate the picky Flying, sumeistravo Želvos district (Ukmergė) foresters. Together with the little fellow this spring they raised 6 nesting-boxes for these rare bats and įnoringiems.

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Ebolos virusas

2014-11-18 | News

It is no secret, that bats are among some of the Ebola and other viral vectors. We would like to invite them laughing blame for these people to impose punishments scourge, because of the people themselves partly to blame. We invite you to watch this video and believe, that everything will be clearer.

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One inmate history

2014-07-08 | News

Siksniukas nykstukas delne Ghana later in the evening from the other edge of the Lithuanian colleague David phoned and asked, would, if necessary, apsiimčiau job of taking care of the bat chick. A history, that Marijampolėje, apartment staircase residents found a small bat, which only loud tarškėjo, and even tried to fly. If you ask David's advice, they watered the bat and tried to spend the evening, but little after dark and just tried to nuropoti any corners and did not show even the slightest effort to fly. True, the night he was able to escape out of the box and spent the night sitting comfortably cabinet.

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