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Again help bats

2014-05-06 | News

Šikšniukas nykštukas Suddenly strained weather ruined the plans not only for people, but bats: insects do not fly at night almost, therefore, bats use force sparingly and well after the winter practically depleted fat stores and look for warmer shelter. Therefore, the current, as winter, increase in reports of people dwelling bats found.

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Šikšnosparnio efektas

2014-02-02 | News

Aaron Corcoran nuotrauka

Aaron Corcoran photo

1972 m. 139-ame „American Association for the Advancement of Science“ susitikime Edvardas Lorenzas ( Edward Norton Lorenz) read the message „Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?“ (left. Can the flap of a butterfly wing in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?). The title of the report describes the remarkable phrase is now better known butterfly effect of chaos theory idea, the butterfly's wings can create small changes in the atmosphere, that can change the way a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent its occurrence in a particular area. Waving wings depict small changes in the initial conditions of the system, which causes a chain of events, leading to large-scale changes. Following the example of the bat effect can be considered a statement, that if the U.S. state of New Jersey, Somerset County for wind power perish bat, Učitoje (The U.S. state of Texas) in the agricultural products market could rise in tomato prices. What could be the connection between the bat and the price of tomatoes?

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Bats – bombonešiai

2014-01-26 | News

cef Animal exceptional skills have long been interested in academics, which clarifies how biological systems used in technical problem solving principles are, or may be used in the technical field. It seeks innovative solutions and inventions. Bionics is based on many of the aerospace and aviation achievements. Biologists working together, Engineers, constructors, Designers, technicians carry out interdisciplinary research, analyzing naturally occurring phenomena and working mechanisms. However, these studies do not always serve peaceful purposes. Have you heard about the bomb Šikšnospanių " (English. Bat bomb)?

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Butterflies defend

2014-01-03 | News

Aaron Corcoran nuotrauka

Aaron Corcoran nuotr.

Evolution encouraged "arms race" between bats and moths has been going on 65 millions of years. All the while improving the capacity of bats emitted ultrasound to detect, to track down and capture a moment praskrendantį even the smallest insect, and those trying to find a way to effectively trick ultrasonic bat sonar.

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Children draw bats

2013-12-13 | News

Mazeikiu kindergarten “Delfinas”, five-group of children “Dwarf bat Lithuania Protection Society members gave lectures “Bats – our friends”. There was talk about šiškšnosparnius, features of their life, protection, usefulness, etc.. It was also to be answered curious questions asked and asked them questions, and those replying awarded postcards with photographs of bats. After the lectures the children shared their impressions, portrayed bats. Admire, how children see the Fruit Bats.

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