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2013-12-04 | News

DSCF1163People indifferent to the fate of bats gift badge, issued by the Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LGF), implementing the Vilnius City Municipality, public environmental education program "Meet – Bats and Bat Protection in collaboration with the Society of Lithuania (LSBC).

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New Booklet

2013-11-20 | News

Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LGF), implementing the Vilnius City Municipality, public environmental education program "Meet – Bats and Bat Protection in collaboration with the Society of Lithuania (LSBC) published a booklet, where you can find information on how to behave in the building detected bat. This booklet can view and download by clicking this link- Flyer.

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Vapsva with šikšnosparnis?

2013-11-14 | News

Some bats, roosting sites that use the nesting boxes (for example., Lithuania still has not been detected of the great bat (Myotis myotis) male), being emitted by the sound of bird houses, very similar to that, emitted also irritated wasps nesting-boxes indwelt. So they put off the curious pre-, are aiming to check what is inside the road joint.

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CSC Baltic r LGF iniciatyva

2013-10-12 | News

International IT company CSC Baltic” patronage Verkių bats living in the park. Helping Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LGF) launched last year, 19-nesting trail cries of the coast this year, has added IT professionals hands cobble nesting boxes and information stand at the mill Verkių, where you can learn more about bats living in Lithuania. Acíu "CSC Baltic”, spring awakening bats will surely be grateful for them, creating a new hiding places!

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Do not touch the bat!

2013-09-21 | News

Rudasis nakviša. N. Žitkevičiaus nuotrauka

Brown owl. N. Žitkevičius photo

Most bats, fear it, that distributes rabies. In part they are right – like other animals, Bats can be carriers of rabies. Since neapsisaugojęs than one wild animal. However, a person infected with the virus in bats is almost impossible.

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How to deal with an uninvited guest – bat

2013-09-09 | News

Brandto pelėausis. R. Karpuškos nuotr.

Brandt's bat. R. Karpuška photo

In late summer - autumn, in migration, or to find suitable wintering, Bats often flies into offices, living rooms, common corridors of buildings. The best way to "get rid" pet of the house - to allow himself to find a way out. Do not panic, Know, that the bat even more scared than you. Pet scaring or waving hands only encourage him even more to wander around the room. Here are a few tips, how to deal with this guest.

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Bat Night Verkiai

2013-09-05 | News

2013 m. August 9th evening to Pavilniai and Verkių regional parks at more than 200 Vilnius residents and guests of Vilnius, which fancied acquainted with bats living in Lithuania. Here to access to these unique mammals called Lithuanian Fund for Nature, which, implementing Vilnius City Municipality of public environmental education program "Meet - Die Fledermaus, With Pavilniai and Verkių Regional Parks held a formal EUROBAT organized the 17th International Bat Night (International Bat Night) event.

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Bat Night Verkių Park

2013-08-05 | News

Nerijaus Žitkevičiaus nuotrauka

Northern ŠIKŠNYS.
N. Žitkevičius photo

Welcome to the International Bat Night Verkių Park (Vilnius), Friday (August 9 d.). The event starts 21 val.

"They veliasi the hair, sharp teeth biting into his neck and sucks the blood ", - A horror movie script worthy of the stories told to month "Cultural night with bats access came from Vilnius. However, when listening to a story about the mysterious world's only flying mammals living in their opinion has changed: Myths fell desperate struggle with the knowledge, fears of being replaced by a fascination - after all, these fluffy feathered for not only dangerous, but even useful - it kills hundreds of cozy summer evenings degrading bloodsucking.

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Wing scars and mapping

2013-07-31 | News

Bats on their wings may have scars – the same, as there is only a cut finger or a wound heals in another part of the body. And it is not surprising – bat-wing film (there) is a living tissue and has all the ingredients to heal wounds.

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Bats – symbol of success

2013-07-07 | News

Eptesicus serotinusThe living room gets bat people usually raises the question, as soon as possible to cajole out. I have to hear the question and what it could mean.

The apartment building apartments or other residential premises bats fall accident. During the warm season usually happens with young, even inexperienced bats, who fly in through the open window besivydami insect, or worse combines orientation and flight skills. During the cold season in the residential premises or offices offices bats often fall changing wintering. Although this time of year these mammals spend most peculiar sleep falleth upon men, but, if you click the chill of wintering bat is a place too cold, He can fly and look for another place in a hurry to get to the residential premises.

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