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We invite you spent in conjunction with bats

2012-07-23 | News

On 26 d. evening Lithuanian Fund for Nature in conjunction with undercoat and Verkiai regional parks and bat conservation in Lithuania Society invites spend observing bats.

The trans-European plačiaausiai (Barba Stella barbaric Tellus). K. Baranauskas photo.

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Threats to bats

2012-06-28 | News

Kaunas III (New Freda) fortas

Bats are nocturnal and very agile animals, therefore has little natural enemies. Observed, that sometimes these navigators sometimes prey on owls, so they avoid me such a neighborhood. Many more enemies that pose a threat to žiemavietėse, when these animals come in deep sleep - when they attempt marten, cat, and sometimes even a rat.

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As made nesting boxes for bats

2012-06-23 | News

The easiest way to help bats – to take place. And if you want to help them settle in, offer made and raised specifically for mammals for nesting boxes. How do you access while watching this video.

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Book “Bats and we”

2012-04-27 | News

Lithuania is very little literature, raising the bats and their protection in Lithuania. We want to celebrate, kad2010 the beginning of the young bats Protection Society of Lithuania (Attacks) Members started the project "Know bats together", implemented by the EU program "Youth in Action" thanks. One of the project activities – Book "Bats and we" Preparation and Release. It aims to break down and myths associated with bats and to acquaint the reader with real-life bat.

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Start of implementation of the project "Know bats together"

2010-02-02 | News

From 2010 m. February young bats Protection Society of Lithuania (Attacks) the initiative was launched "Know bats together project. This project is funded by the European Union program "Youth in Action".

The project aims to - To enable Lithuanian rural young people spend their free time exploring nature and its living bats.

Lithuania is home to about 806 thousand. young people (from 14 two 29 m.), of which approximately 253 thousand. live in rural areas. Such areas are particularly felt in the lack of employment for young people, various employment and leisure forms lack. Therefore, this year-long project for young SAAD will seek to revitalize rural youth leisure, bring them together and create awareness of their environment, living bats. Project organizers hope, at least partially increase the Lithuanian youth interest in bats and their protection.

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