From 2010 m. February young bats Protection Society of Lithuania (Attacks) the initiative was launched "Know bats together project. This project is funded by the European Union program "Youth in Action".

The project aims to - To enable Lithuanian rural young people spend their free time exploring nature and its living bats.

Lithuania is home to about 806 thousand. young people (from 14 two 29 m.), of which approximately 253 thousand. live in rural areas. Such areas are particularly felt in the lack of employment for young people, various employment and leisure forms lack. Therefore, this year-long project for young SAAD will seek to revitalize rural youth leisure, bring them together and create awareness of their environment, living bats. Project organizers hope, at least partially increase the Lithuanian youth interest in bats and their protection.

Why bats? They've since ancient times, living in our country, but the data on them have very little. Across Europe, most bat species are protected, These species live in Lithuania. Lately, these animals are rapidly disappearing, it becomes a cause of most types of adjustment to live together slot machines with someone, which is usually skeptical before them in the mood. Straight, who knows about the benefits of bats, and they are very useful. These animals kill many insect pests (cockchafer, agaist), bloodsucking (Mosquitoes, midge). Lithuania living in the smallest bat - pipistrelle little over night eats 3-5 thousands of mosquitoes. Brown owl, ŠIKŠNYS late spring caught a number of large insects - Maybug. One night booty to thousands – hundreds of thousands of insects. Thus, the bat is a huge impact on the ecosystem, but not limited to. Scientists are also interested in their ability to navigate in the dark ultrasound (developed devices, help akliesiams), few months to survive at low temperatures (hibernacija) and many more interesting things, associated with these pets.

Project activities. Promotes the benefits of bats along with youth from various Lithuanian towns and villages and the destruction of their interest in the related negative stereotypes. At the end, is expected to visit at least 5 Regine in different Lithuanian towns / villages and along with there young people living in a discussion about the nature and bats, of Lithuania and the World bat biodiversity, bat and human relations, the need for storage, etc.. Bat lovers will have the opportunity to learn about bats directly: observing them, registration and hanging specially designed nesting boxes for these animals. Bat monitoring will be conducted during the summer, because this time of year they are active, of colonies, leads and drives the cubs.

In October, planned to organize all project participants savažiavimą, to access, communicate, present their activities, their towns / villages and their natural surroundings, properties. The presentation will be held in a free form (performance, improvisation, Songs and so on.), Young people will be able to express themselves artistically, and various games will not only get to know and befriend, but have a good time. Congress participants will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with scientists and science students, working with bats.

We encourage young people who have an interest initiatives bats, wants to learn more about this project, take part in it, containing ideas and suggestions, Write e-mail. post @ or call. 868307510.

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