N. Žitkevičiaus nuotrauka

N. Žitkevičius photo

2016 m. February 6 d. It was counted High Paneriai railway tunnel hibernating bats. The total was calculated:

- on the ceiling: 906 Kudrin bat and 170 aqueous pelėausių;
- on the walls: 132 Kudrin bat and 346 aqueous bat, and also 1 northern bat;
- altogether: 1038 Kudrin bat, 516 and aqueous pelėausių 1 northern bat.
- the total number of bats suddenly very nice – 1555. And not only beautiful – This year has been calculated mainly bats during all here to monitor the year.

Šikšnosparnių gausa Aukštųjų Panerių tunelyje

Bat abundance of high Paneriai tunnel. Neris RP information.


A few moments away from the bat computing High Paneriai tunnel:

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