International National Gallery of Art exhibition "Urban Nature: starting wool " su miestu bus siūloma susipažinti iš šikšnosparnio perspektyvos.

Su Vilniumi iš šikšnosparnių perspektyvos susipažinti pasiūlysiantis menininkas Julius von Bismarckas

With the bat Vilnius from the perspective of access pasiūlysiantis artist Julius von Bismarck

eccentric artist Julius von Bismarckas valued at unexpected art, science and technology combinations works, insightful philosophical ideas and innovative and highly professional in their fulfillment. Instaliacijas, performances and artistic interventions in nature and in creating Bismarck working to disrupt, criticize dominant society and to recreate the environment and ways of perceiving reality. This developer from Berlin, even two years in a row was rated "Ars Electronica festival awards for one of the most famous of his works"images fulgulatoriusAnd conceptually and technologically strong "An endless tales machine“, the 2015 m. found itself in the media spotlight, the fair Art Basel presented the work "Egocentrinė system“. Bismarck's works have been displayed in the main Berlin, Paris, muscovite, One contemporary art spaces and Venice Architecture Biennale, and from 2017 m. January 20 d. the artist's work will be able to see and the National Gallery of Art visitors.

Julius von Bismarck's acquaintance with the bat lives in Vilnius

National Gallery of Art project "Urban Nature" exhibition Julius von Bismarck will present a unique exhibit, will enable Vilnius to experience similar to the bat sensory way. Drones and 3D laser scanner it plans to scan a selected area of ​​Vilnius and received Areal 3D map, using special metal processing technologies, to recreate a three-dimensional object. The city experience, According to the artist, to a certain analogy bat echolocation principle of spatial perception. While making Julius von Bismarck consult Bat Protection Society specialist Lithuania Remigijus Karpuška. The process gradually switches and other areas of scientists.

project supporters: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, Goethe-Institut Lithuania, French Institute in Lithuania, North Rhine-Westphalia family, pediatric, youth, Culture and Sports Ministry. For assistance in the development of the project by Julius von Bismarck thank asistentėms artist Brigita Kasperaitis and Catherine Šlapšinskaitei and actress Irma Jokštytei.

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