Brandt's bat (Myotis brandtii Eversmann, 1845) - A small bat. Body length - 35 – 50 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 210 – 255 mm, body weight - 5 – 9 g. The coat is gray-brown, but there are almost black. Young individuals are usually darker. Relatively little long hair. Muzzle and ears are darker than the body. The ears are very long. As Brandt's bat is very similar to ūsuotąjį (brighter than the last), literature found together (Brandt / ūsuotasis bat (M. brandtii/mystacinus). Identified as a separate species 1970 m. Stated, that in Russia this kind of bat survived longer than 41 years.

The emitted ultrasonic frequency - 50 kHz (42 -69 kHz). Generated sounds quieter than the water bat. Eating flies early, a few minutes after sunset.

Foreign literature in, that these bats seasonal live in wooded areas, often to water. Hiding in buildings, occasional tree hollows, nesting-boxes. During the warm season Lithuania Brandt ultrasonic bat detector registered only a couple of times, but in winter some žiemavietėse it's common bat species. In the recent migrant, but there are cases, that flew in the wintering 200 km. Žiemavietėse found singly and in groups of 10 – 60 individuals, often in combination with water or Natererio bat.

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