Kudrin bat (Myotis dasycneme Boie, 1825) – a medium-sized bat. Body length - 51 – 73 mm, the distance between the ends of the wings outspread - 200 – 320 mm, weight - 13 – 20 g. Wing broad, blunt and short duration of – length of approximately twice the width of the. The tail is medium 0,8 times shorter than body. The back half of the Treble Brown, sometimes as much as any other color, the lower half of off-white. Observing žiemavietėse seen as different individuals fur color: Younger animals are darker, and that is very different from the older, whose fur is bright. Ears medium size. Kudrin bat is very similar to the much lower aqueous pelėausį. The maximum known lifespan - 16,5 years.

The strongest emission of ultrasound frequency is 35 kHz. Eating flies completely dark and is active till dawn. Low catch insects on the water surface, usually near the shelter, although it is found, that hunting can fly 15 – 20 km. Since catching insects 0,1 – 1 m. above the water, avoid high grass-covered bodies of water.

Lithuania is rare bats, are found throughout the year: and seasonal, and winter. Lives in various hiding places near water. Dienoja buildings, tree hollows, nesting-boxes. Last year they capture detectors and visually monitor the Trakai Lake District, Highland National Park, Vilnius and another one elsewhere. Kudrin pelėausių female offspring of the breeding places of choosing the beginning of May. The only country known breeding colony is known Kaltanėnai. Overwinter in deep, spacious and damp underground, where the temperature is positive.

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