Little owl (Nyctalus leisleri Kuhl, 1817) - Medium size bat. Body length is 48 – 68 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 300 – 340 mm, body weight - 12 – 20 g. Brown coat, and muzzle, ears and wing membranes dark brown. Ears are triangular with rounded tops. Muzzle a little sharper than the brown primrose.

Small evening primrose emitted ultrasound is very similar to the brown evening primrose, only frequent. The strongest frequency - 28 – 30 kHz. These two species can be distinguished by monitoring them flying towards morning sky. Flying start 10 – 15 minutes after sunset, and occasionally the sun had set, and insect prey with swift. Fly fast, generally above the tree tops, or maneuver over the water surface.

Lietuvoje rare, detected only during the warm season, mostly during migration in August. Small tree primrose dienoja receiver, nesting-boxes (sometimes with brown primrose), buildings. Breeding colonies gather 20 – 40 Small evening primrose, sometimes - and several hundred. If hideout after a heavy downpour or other reasons is inappropriate or unsafe, young female carries elsewhere. When hunting, chicks left bunkers. Leave, Lithuania breeding colony undetected.

Adult males fall to their territories, which attract females to form a harem.

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