Natererio bat (Myotis nattererii Kuhl, 1817) - A medium-sized bat. The upper part of the body pale brownish, apsatinė and off-white. Snout of a reddish-pink, The tip of the darker. Ears long, narrow. Kramslys pelėausių among the longest - is more than half the length of the ear. Body length is 40 – 50 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 245 – 300 mm, body weight - 7-12 g. Wings broad, so fly slowly, but maneuverable. Interested insect, which, for example., suddenly landed on a branch, can slowly turn the wheels around. Unlike other bat, could land on ground, catch an insect or spider, and rise again. Recorded the longest life expectancy Natererio bat - 20 years.

Emitted ultrasound - 49 kHz (28 – 66 kHz). Starts to fly 40 – 60 my. after sunset, usually 5-10 m, but may spend some time flying with even higher. Often flying above the forest paths, forest sites. Above the water can circulate in the aqueous bat, but flying above.

Lietuvoje rare. Ultrasonic detector recorded only a few times and was found in a tree hollow breeding colony. He likes to live in the forests near water bodies, rivers or streams. Day settle in wooden or stone bridges erdvesnėse cavities or cracks, old tree hollows, crevices in the bark atsišaknojusia, birds nesting-boxes. Breeding period usually stay in large hollows, wooden building cavities and crevices, attic. Natererio bat is close to migrants. Longest distance flown, search for wintering grounds, is 90 km. Found wintering in the south-western part of Lithuania, choose where spacious underground shelters, where the positive temperature, high humidity. Often winter with Brandt's bat, less - Kudrin bat.

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