Pipistrelle bat Nathusius' (Pipistrellus nathusii Keyserling et Votes, 1839) - A small bat. The coat in gray or dark brown, or brown. Hair fundamental part of the black. Tail, Ears, wing membrane - Black. Ears short, triangular, rounded ends. Body length - 43 – 54 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 220 – 250 mm, weight - 6 – 11 g. To confuse marker, Pipistrelle bat Nathusius' pretend to be dead. This is typical of this type of bats.

Emitted ultrasound - 40 kHz (36 – 44 kHz). Fly starts early - 20 – 30 minutes after sunset, and the dark forests and even earlier. Fast Flight, fickle, often human height. He likes to chase insects tree avenues.

Pipistrelle bat Nathusius' Lithuania widespread, common, however, be found in the warm season. This woodland, often related to water bodies, Bats. Dienodami hiding in tree hollow, crevices, buildings, nesting-boxes. Males like to use the nesting boxes for bats, raised by felling trees, abandoned, kvartalinėse lines, lakeshores. Pups breeding colony discovered deciduous trees receiver, nesting-boxes.

The wintering areas in return, females gather in large breeding colonies, containing several tens or even hundreds of individuals. Adult males have individual territories, are protected from other individuals, and in the fall, beginning of the breeding season and migration, they attracted females and shelters formed harems of several females. The wintering in warmer regions females begin to migrate earlier than males.

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