Brown owl (Nyctalus noctula Schreber, 1774) - Lithuania is the largest and one of Europe's largest bat. Body length - 64 – 82 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 320 – 450 mm, weight - 18 – 40 g. Brown coat, ears and muzzle - dark brown.

Emitted ultrasound - 20 kHz (16,8 – 26 kHz). Brown epileptics can watch dawn sky, when almost bright and they come back to roosting sites. These bats in August - September, and can be heard without special equipment - then they are attracted by the female receiver. Flying start 5 – 10 minutes after sunset, sometimes not even fully landed. He likes to open sites, fly fast and high, 30 – 60 meters of water or squares. Isolated individuals have a favorite feeding grounds of their. Sometimes the flies eat 10 miles from their roosting places.

Neretas bat. Previously, it was thought, that Lithuania is found only in the warm season, but lately been known for at least three of the following types of bats wintering Lithuania cases. Dienoja tree hollows, love woodpeckers carved hollow and round holes Dreves, often found in buildings. Staying and nesting-boxes, especially common during migration. Mature patina solitary, maturity - in small groups. The female cubs can transfer from one hiding place to another. Even when, when the young are unable to fly and small, the female carries them out of shelters and short leaves on a tree trunk, and the same time to feed the souls of insects. After a while, come back to this cypsintį baby and sticks to the mother. In the autumn intensive migrate 3 – 3,5 hour after sunset, about midnight - much less, and towards morning almost does not operate. Pockets after 3 – 6 individuals 10 – 20 meters fly south or south-east in the direction of one another, and sometimes an entire stream.

Supposedly, that killed about inappropriate žiemavietėse 30 – 50 percent. Noctule.

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