Northern ŠIKŠNYS (Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling et Votes, 1839) - Medium size bat. Body length - 50 – 60 mm, width of the wings tarpugaliuose - 240 – 290 mm, body weight - 7 – 13 g. Its upper part blackish brown, lower - fawn, fur a bit hairy. The ears are yellowish-brown hair and under this character easily distinguished from other bats. Marked animals as detected 14,5 years of age. Closely resembles the chick Plikšnys.

Strongest ultrasound frequency - 30 kHz. Feed in open areas: forest sites, parks, above the lights, above the water. Usually fly crown, treetop height. Fast Flight, dashing, with sharp twists. Eating flies early and usually hunts twice a night - in the evening and at dawn.

Lithuania met in both warm, and cold seasons. In summer, people comply with the settlements, however, shy away from major cities. Dienoja buildings. Occasionally found in single individuals and firewood stacks, nesting-boxes. Lithuania and large, and small žiemavietėse annually are found only a few individuals, though there should be more. Prefer dry, cold caches.

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