Pipistrelle Puppy (Pipistrellus pygmaeus Leach, 1825) - One of the lowest in Lithuania bat. Body length - about 48 mm, distance between the wings tarpugalio - 192- 231 mm, weight - 6 – 11 g. Body light brown fur.

International zoological nomenclature committee 2003 was approved, the highest voice pipistrelle (dėl to šikšniukai mažyliai kartais vadinami sopraniniais šikšniukais), are emitted ultrasound - 55 kHz (48,8 – 61,6 kHz), is an independent bat species. Starts to fly 20 – 30 my. after sunset, and sometimes even the sun had set. Fast Flight, fickle, often human height, sometimes even in the tree tops at or even above.

The prevalence of bats in our country, ecology and ethology little explored. Found only in the warm season. Hiding nesting-boxes, buildings, probably other under covers. K. Grammars puppy breeding colony of pipistrelle, based on one of the park Verkių gentle brick buildings, monitoring data, before the departure of the first animals ultrasonic detector, and later even without the audible sounds produced by bats in the attic of the building. Game of the shelter began išskrisdinėti couple minutes after sunset, and towards morning inside suskrido through 30 minutes. Amusingly acted returning bats - from feeding areas in groups of 3 – 10 individuals returning to bat against sulįsdami roosting place, a few minutes of flying around the hideout, This is the hole priskrisdami, This is again from the departing. Such a morning ritual is one of the, the other disappeared shelter slot, of flying around but did not decrease, as more new members, back from feeding areas. Last pipistrelle little hideout to have returned at sunrise, when the sky has a few dozen minutes flew swift. Like behavior and nesting boxes in the park Verkių based breeding colony of bats, which 2012 m. observed R, Karpuška and N. Žitkevičius. Shortly after sunset to half an hour during the road joint flew over 40 pipistrelle babies, however, some still nesting boxes. Just departed bats flew away, but after a few minutes returned 1 – 5 game, priskrisdavo road joint to the hole and flew again. When you climb into a bat nesting boxes, and after a few seconds flew, but uncertain – the same, or other, to as the bat nesting boxes have been.

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