Pipistrelle dwarf (Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1774) - The smallest of our country bat. Body length - 38 – 45 mm, the distance between the expanded wings tarpugalių - 200 – 234 mm, body weight - 4 – 7 g. Light brown fur (sandy). The lower half of the body much paler, full beige.

The strongest emission of ultrasonic frequencies - 42 – 47 kHz. Flying start 20 – 30 my. after sunset, sometimes when the sun goeth down. Fast Flight, fickle, often human height. Feeding near the water, parks, forest edges. When the insect little, prey till dawn, and some more - 1-2 val. returns to the hideout, towards morning and fly back.

Lithuania fairly common, however, found only in the warm season. Treble prevalence, ecology and ethology in little-explored. Foreign literature indicates, the pipistrelle dwarf usually settles buildings (often - new) and only occasionally hiding in hollow tree, crevices, nesting-boxes.

Over night eats 3000 – 5000 mosquitoes and other small insects. Males migrate away, it remains close to the wintering areas, because males do not live in Lithuania.

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