Late ŠIKŠNYS (Eptesicus serotinus, Schreber, 1774) - Large, the second largest bat Lithuania. Body length - 64 – 75 mm, the distance between the wings tarpugalių - 320 – 380 mm, body weight - 15 – 30 g. His upper body is dark brown, sometimes yellowish hair tip, Lower body tan. Chicks during the first year of life is almost black. Fur long hair. Wings broad. Ears are triangular and relatively short.

Emitted ultrasound - 32 kHz (25,6 – 42,4 kHz). Flying start 20 – 25 my. after sunset, and sometimes even the sun had set. Most of the colonies during the fly 10 my. and the flight may be delayed 30 my. Eat while flying in parks, gardens, forest edges, love to catch insects to roadside lights. Flying a long way off, quietly. It hunts mostly by 2 km from roosting sites, bet, necessary, flies a couple of kilometers further.

Lithuania fairly widespread, but more common only in the southern and western parts of the, while the north is very rare. Dienoja buildings, occasional tree hollows. Females love to get together after the high 20 – 60, and sometimes 100 individuals breeding colonies in buildings. Often, the colony found in church towers. It is close to the migrant, but the data, the game marked the wintering flew 300 km. Conventional bat žiemavietėse (underground, Basements) are seldom seen and it's only single individuals. Supposedly, that is likely to overwinter in homes cavities, ventilation openings, where the temperature 2 – 4 Celsius. This is one of the few bats, that can hibernate in dry and cold žiemavietėse.

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