2013 in January 5 d. was accomplished in the city located žiemavietėse hibernating bats records. Its time to bat conservation in Lithuania Society members and volunteers helpers visited Verkiai basement, High Paneriai tunnel and bunker Antakalnis. Verkiai basement wall cracks, on the ceiling and walls were counted 25 usually sitting alone hibernate aqueous bat. High Paneriai took the longest tunnel record, because the bat had to look and run, not just strong enough guns, but with the aid of binoculars exploring high tunnel ceiling. And the abundance of bats have been impressive – total calculated 1739 Bats – 608 aqueous bat, 709 Kudrin bat go 12 Brandt pelėausių. Antakalnis (Silo) Bunker was able to verify only two out of five bunkers. One of them goes over hibernate 59 of European plačiaausiai.

Thank you to all who participated.

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